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“THE PHANTOM FATHER” - “A Romanian Rhapsody” premieres in California
Lucian Georgescu’s film will be presented at the Berkley Art Museum during an homage to Barry Gifford

The film “The Phantom Father”, directed by Lucian Georgescu, will have its USA, West Coast premiere in the “Behind the Scenes” showcase dedicated to the American writer Barry Gifford. The event will take place in Berkley, California, starting on the 29th of November and lasting until the 8th of December 2012. The event is being organized by The Berkeley Art Museum (BAM) in collaboration with The Pacific Film Archive and San Francisco Film Society.

The 3 days of Behind the Scenes, are held on the 29th of November, the 1st of December and the 8th of December 2012, and are a tribute to the poet, essayist, novelist and screenwriter Barry Gifford, “the only living American writer possessed by genius” (Norman Mailer).

In the event’s opening lecture on the 29th of November, Gifford will talk about his personal journey as a writer in the world of the movies. The screenplays “Wild at Heart”, “Lost Highway”, “Phantom Father” and “Perdida Durango”, will be used as a starting point for discussion, with the highlight of the lecture being the Western premiere of “The Phantom Father”, the nostalgic road-movie that the event curators have described as Lucian Georgescu’s “Romanian Rhapsody”.

The fact that The Berkeley Art Museum and The Pacific Film Archive bought a copy of the film and will present it, in premiere on the West Coast, for the Barry Gifford homage, is for me both an honor and a reason for fulfillment. I strongly believe that “The Phantom Father” will be very well received in Barry’s homeland, on the West Coast of AmericaLucian Georgescu declared.

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