Tatal Fantoma

The Phantom Father, was on tour on two continents during March, being shown at renowned festivals in Africa and Australia, and all around it has been extraordinarily well received.

The Byron Bay International Film Festival hosted the film's absolute Australian premiere on March 7th. Now in its sixth edition, the festival is a young and on the rise cinematographic event which awards local cinematographic excellence and also presents a selection of the best international motion pictures of the year. Audiences in the summer resort near Brisbane, New South Wales have responded very well to the film.

The film's African premiere was held at the fifth edition of the Films for Africa International Film Festival in Capetown / Cape Winelands, South Africa. This festival is a complex cinematographic event with over 150 movies entered in the competition and off sections.

The Phantom Father is well on its journey around the world having covered four continents so far through selections in established festivals from North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. The future itinerary includes return trips to North American festivals, as well as an absolute South American premiere.

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